Thursday, 7 June 2012

PLS Sketch #49 'Family'


now I know that this is not the normal way to start a post but..........not sure if I like this layout!

I adore the sketch from PLS and will definitely be using it again but I think my take on it may be a little wrong :0( I tried using a bright pink (taken from the photo) but, honestly, I don't think it's worked. I also don't like the way I have placed the floral tear out sheet (think it needs to move in more) but I thought I would share it anyway as sometimes it's good to show your mistakes....isn't it?????

Here is the delightful sketch:

and here is my take on it using a very old photo of my Mum and Dad and me (dark hair and overweight!) in the beautiful city of Liverpool.

Apart from the super bright colour of the mist, there is also far too much of it!! You can just about see the line of Tattered Angels Glitter Glam that I painted on through a stencil - I should have just stuck to that ;0)

The principle is a cool idea and one I will use again, when I was misting I put some kitchen roll down to catch the overspray and ended up using a couple of strips. I have used PLS labels to mark the date of the photo

If I hadn't stuck this down already I would have moved it over so that the tattered edge showed to the side of the photo and the dotty bit just peeped over the top. The page is from PP Sweetness Flip Note book

The chipboard heart was retrieved from the bin!! I added in the orange buttons to give some contrast to the pink - if you are going bright, go over the top!
You might be wondering why I haven't just consigned this to the box under the bed and have shared it, well, 2 reasons....1. there are some nice ideas to share and 2. you may have a brilliant idea to rectify this poor little layout!!

Thanks for popping in,

Ali x 


  1. I hear you! I've shared a couple I don't like on my blog too....I don't mind yours at all...I think the pink circles at the bottm edge would be better if they didn't 'join' up to papers around the photo...& that journaling pad looks a bit too big or something to the L of the photo... but to be honest, I like the amount of pink & the pop especially against the print paper....still, you know yourself better than anyone else:):):) Happy fixing...or not!!!!

  2. Really? Start again??!!! I don't think it deserves that..does it? It's cute....still, you have to work that one out:):) I'll be interested to follow your 'journey' with this one...looks like you're going to have to keep up the blogging about it:):)

  3. Good! I'm glad you're giving it a chance:):):)
    And I'm not that fast...I tend to 'draft' posts & then add bits before I actually publish them!! Doing a post takes a-g-e-s by the time you a-d-d the photos & write, rewrite, correct [most!] of the spelling mistakes. And I'm not on quick internet. I'd LIKE to be speedier...but now you know my secret!!!!


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