Friday, 8 June 2012

CKC 'Beautiful You'


my first layout with my June Counterfeit Kit ......I am going to be loving this one! Because I have gone for a rainbow theme I am going to try and do 7 layouts each with a lead colour, following the ROYGBIV principle......ignoring violet....and pushing myself towards indigo (isn't that dark blue rather than purple????) Anyway, today's is GREEN.

This is my DGD in the bath :0)

MME paper with Claudine Helmuth Tan paint and Picket Fence Distress Stain (love that stuff!) Chipboard last! My forged MME sticker :0)

OA sticker and some pretty Kanban card die cut

Thanks for popping in,

Ali x 


  1. LOVE the white paint behind & the butterflies look super cute...really, really like your stitching:):):)

  2. Sweet photo, so prettily scrapped!

  3. what a gorgeous layout! this is going to be such a good month I'm sure! I love the lead colour idea. I found that I did that a lot with the over-bright April kit I made. Every layout picked out one or two of the main colours from the kit and in the end, they all look so different that no one would know they all came from the same kit.

    I adore your layering, stitching and the paint. super start!

  4. This is a GORGEOUS LO!!!! I totally LOVE it!!

  5. Ohh I LOVE this LO!! Beautiful.


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