Monday, 8 August 2011

Sticking the Stickles!

Yay! The idea worked!! At least it did for the Stickles and  Liquid Pearls. The Paint Dabbers were too heavy for the magnets so they have had to stay in the drawer.
The beauty of this storage system is:
a) the bottles are ready and primed to go and
b) I remember that I have them and will use them!!!!!

I can't believe that there are over 50 bottles of glitter glue! If you saw a lot of glitter on my projects I could understand it - oh the dangers of shopping tv!!!
You may also be intersted in the way I store my Nestabilitie Dies. I have stuck 4 x A4 magnetic sheets to a board and screwed that onto the wall above my Cuttlebug - super handy :0) The trouble is when they were in packages there was a nice little pile now they are on the wall it looks like I need to go shopping! lol

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day
Ali x

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