Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Project Holiday :0)


sooo glad to be here :0) feeling loads better today!!

Thought I would share some of the pages from my Project Tunisia - I don't know how people photograph these things with such clarity!! My pages kept catching the light but you will get the general idea :0) Between the two of us we took 998 photos during the 10 days we were away!! Of those, I chose 202 that I had to include in order to tell the story of our first extended family holiday - there was no way I could do the traditional 12 x 12 or 8 x 8 album so Project Holiday was born!! I have zipped through this and have really enjoyed mixing it up!!

First off is the album, I chose an American Crafts chipboard D ring album (they are huge!!) I stuck a cardstock phrase on and painted it in Studio 'modern red' and then painted the whole front cover in Studio 'traditional tan' and when it was dry lightly sanded the word back to reveal some of the red paint.

The best thing about this holiday album is that I have included so much journalling. Looking back on old albums the pages are all very 'pretty' but there is nothing that tells me about the back story so I was determined to write about all the 'trivial' stuff

I have added in various bits of memorabilia - like the dried rose and jasmine petals from the flower seller 

Rubbish photos, but hey ho.....the best thing about this album is you can put in whatever takes your fancy!!

Thanks for popping in,

Ali x 


  1. These pages look really neat! A great way to scrap lots of photos - I really like it! :D

  2. There is no such thing as rubbish photos if they capture a memory. I just love divided page protectors for vacation albums - in fact, I have 2 I need to get cracking on.


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