Monday, 1 July 2013

Counterfeit Kit for July 'Bring Me Sunshine'


The CKC post only went up today!! I am starting as I mean to go on :0) 

I am so behind with the kiddos' scrapbooks that I really need to play along with some challenges this month...starting with my favourite: the Counterfeit Kit Challenge :))

This month's kit to forge is from Scrapbook & Cards Today 'Summer Fun' and it totally is!!


My effort is slightly more meagre, but the usual caveat applies....I am allowed to add whatever I want!! LOL

Erm, the photo is at a slightly weird angle but I had it all set up on my desk and I was happy with the 'artistic' layout so balanced on a chair to take the photo :0)))

'Bring Me Sunshine' ....please!! I am fed up with rain :0(

I have brought these stamps out to play's been too long!

Here are some closer looks at my kit :0)

I am really trying to be as organised as possible and using some of the thousand or so Silhouette files I have....not sure how I ended up with that many!!

Thanks for popping in today,

Ali x 


  1. I am green with envy right now! I have to wait until after work to pull my kit together :( Your kit is gorgeous Ali, love all the die cuts you've included, I need to remember to include some this month too! Oh and I would gladly send you some sunshine from the sunshine state :) however we haven't much right now because of all the rain.

  2. a gorgeous kit, enjoy yourself and I look forward to seeing how you use it. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment today.

  3. I keep wanting to do this - it's such a fab idea, but never seem to get the time....LOVE your kit, especially the stamps....thousands of silly you're scaring me!!! Can't wait to see what you end up with using this:):)

  4. Love your kit. I have been rooting around my old stamp sets too. I seem to buy them, love them and then store them.

  5. Yummy cutwork - I keep trying to talk myself out of buying a machine but I'm losing when I see what you've done for your kit! You really captured the spirit of the kit :~)


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