Monday, 25 March 2013

'Angelic' She Art

DD#1's bestie admired the She Art I made for Christmas and asked if she could have one for her birthday. Had I known what life was going to be like I would have said yeah in 2014!!

I am glad now that I had already said yes as it has given me a few hours away from the madness that surrounds me and has reminded me how important a little bit of me time is. No point in me crashing and burning, then where will they all be???? So I aim to have at least one evening a week in my haven...I may not always have time to share it on my blog but hey ho!!!

So, back to the art. Batts has been DD#1's best friend since they started play group at three. A truly lovely girl, DGD's Godmother and all round idea was born!! The only brief I was given was it has to be ...... purple!!! Here we go again....LOL

Off to wrap and deliver it now....hope she likes it!!!

Thanks for popping in today,

Ali x


  1. Oh, you POOOOR thing...I think purple's meant to haunt you!! The weird thing? You do purple so very, VERY well. This is totally sensational....just incredible...I wanna eat it all up with my eyes. You're She Art totally ROCKS...& I'm glad you're giving yourself some 'you' time....& WELL DONE NOT buying More many to go before you can???!!!!! Hope little Seth is going well & Mum & Dad:):):) Can't wait to see nursery pics:):):)

  2. I am sure she will. Love the words wings! Just spotted your "Laugh" LO in the mag. Congrats. It is fab!

  3. It's been too long since I've stopped by to pay you a visit, just been so busy with life and all of the ups and downs it brings. I adore your canvas! The colors are spectacular and I really like the wording in the wings! The purple rocks!!! ☺

  4. I love the wings with the stamped messages. Bet she loves it!


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