Sunday, 10 February 2013's a secret!

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

I have scheduled this to post at the same time DD#1 is throwing a surprise baby shower for DD#2 :0)

It's the first baby shower that I have ever been to, having said that it's the first one that most of the guests have ever been to, including the host and the guest of honour!! As with most things, there is less and less cultural differentiation and although showers were primarily an American thing they are becoming increasingly popular over least that's what I am guessing as there were a load of shops selling a ton of stuff to choose from. Which leads me to my post!!

I was particularly drawn to the nappy (diaper) cakes that I saw but no way was I paying £75 for one!!


There are loads of brilliant tutorials on YouTube but the one that I kind of followed used a  large sweet tin with nappies around the outside and then filled with baby stuff to make the first layer.
 I filled mine with: shampoo, nappy cream, bubble bath, cotton wool, baby lotion, oil and nappies around the outside and tucked into gaps. Wrapped a blanket around and tied with ribbon.

Layer 2 was all nappies wrapped in a muslin cloth and tied with ribbon and then a little bear tucked into the front.

Layer 3 was nappies and 3 long sleeve vests (only because I know she needs them!) with another muslin cloth wrapped around and tied with ribbon.

A balsa wood star cut with Spellbinders, painted and stamped and attached to a bamboo stick

Another thing I changed was they say to fasten the nappies with an elastic band but it creases the nappy so I used good old washi tape which does no damage at all! It doesn't stick for long, but long enough to get the nappies where you want them :0)

I also made 3 'rain clouds' to hang above the table

more brilliant tutorials on YouTube. I stitched hearts together to make the rain drops
And a Guess the Date that DD#2 can put on her fridge as a count down :0)
I printed off a Heidi Swapp calendar page, cut a stork on the Silhouette, Ali Edwards stamp on the due date and footprints on my guess - I shall take the stamp with me and write the names of the guessers on the day.

Super, dooper excited!! I also did her a Yummy Mummy essentials bag but it's in a black case ready to take to the hospital so not very exciting to show you, LOL

Thanks for popping in today,

Ali x

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  1. This is your 'cake'...looks fabulous. That's a wonderful 'surprise' to give her sis....I'm guessing this baby is a...boy????!!!!!! I went to my 1st ever baby shower this time last year when Neri had one for Lucas - & 'd never been to one before either...I really enjoyed it. All girls, fun to do - VERY American.... but like you say, it's a smaller world we live in with Pinterest & You tube!!! And Neri got soooooo much stuff!!!!!!! Hope you have/had a great time:):):)


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