Sunday, 4 November 2012

'Proper' She Art #1


as you may have realised I have got the mixed media bug....badly!! I have just ordered more canvases and paints and am trying to find texture paste in the UK.......can anyone help?

As I unwrapped the canvas I started thinking about the daughter of one of my Mum's best friends. She and I were the oldest of the kids in my Mum and Dad's group of friends. The adults would take it in turns to host and all the kids would stay upstairs whilst the grown ups would eat, drink and be was the 70's and children were not really included in their social lives!!!

Anyway, J and I would hang out together, having nothing in common with the younger children. As I got older I no longer had to go with my parents so J and I no longer saw each other.

J has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing horrific Chemotherapy at present with 42 days of Radiation therapy to follow, so, as you can imagine she has been on my mind a lot.

Once I decided I wanted to do this canvas for her, the colours and words flowed. I wanted it to be strong and bright and positive....because that is what she is :0)

There are a lot of photos but as the canvas is 7 3/4" by 18" I have taken photos of each 'section'

papers are MME Miss Caroline and the stencil I used is from Prima. The butterflies are cut using the Tim Holtz fave!

The butterflies represent new beginnings.

Thanks for popping in today,

Ali x 


  1. Another AMAZING canvas....awful thing to go thru...hope she manages OK & I'm sure she'll absolutely LOVE what you've are one v talented cookie...turn your hand to anything:):):)

  2. Lovely canvas - I'm sure it'll cheer your friend up too. I wanted to leave you a link to a blog post I had pinned that shows you how to make your own texture paste - though I haven't tried it yet myself - - HTH

    1. Thank you so much for this Helen :0) I shall keep you posted with my progress!!!

  3. Oh no, I am sorry to hear about J. I am glad you two have reconnected at this difficult time. I hope she'll find strenght in your support. Your canvas is gorgeous, I am sure she will love it. I get texture paste from a local art shop.

  4. I hate that disgusting thing called cancer, know exactly what your friend is going through. So glad you and J have re-found each other. I often find the mediums I need in proper artist supply shops, they might be of different brands than what are found in scrapbooking stores. Have you tried Googling the brand Winstor & Newton? excellent genuine arty stuff. Your canvases are absolutely gorgeous, nobody would believe it's a recent discovery Ali! I am sure J will treasure this one and draw happiness from it. Keep on creating my beautiful lady! xoxo


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