Sunday, 28 October 2012

A little dabble into mixed media!

I guess it wasn't going to be long before I had a little play with canvases and mixed media, so many of my lovely bloggy friends have inspired me :0)

DD#1 and DGD are about to move into their new house and DGD is having a ballet themed bedroom. DD#1 was looking at canvases and asked if I could do something dance inspired, a) to save her a few bob and b) so that DGD had something unique. This was my chance :0)

I was going to post all 4 8 x 8 canvases together but I think it might be overload so I will do them one by one and in order of creation so that you can see things definitely get a lot freer as time goes on. I even went back to redo this one's hair as it was a little too restrained. LOL.

I have learnt that it is best not to use cardstock for your 'shes' as they stand proud on the canvas....but that's what it's all about eh? Live and learn!!

I am really proud of my girls as I have never even attempted to draw anything before!! I adore this new foray into paints and paper and texture.

This canvas is the only one that DGD has seen. She picked it up, studied it and commented 'thank you Mamma, she is beautiful, but I would have liked her to have pink hair' ain't no pleasing some Prima Donnas!!!

Thanks for popping in today,

Ali x 


  1. This is lovely - sweet and girly and thoughtful too. Love it.

  2. Oooh this is gorgeous!! I love all the texture and colors, the pink hair comment made me smile as she sounds like my little prima donna :)

  3. Aha! so that's where these cuties are going!! PERFECT!! she is so going to love her nana for making these for her!! Adorable!! xoxo

  4. OK, so I've looked at 'em backwards & haven't STUDIED them, like, but man, I wish I was a ballet lovin' kid, cos I'd want these BAD......& look at those bg's...I NEVER woulda thought you had it in you...look at that layering up...I am HUGELY impressed.....flying, with these, my friend. Looks like you had a LOAD of fun - & your GD with love them forever:):):)


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