Tuesday, 30 October 2012

#3 and my personal fave :0)

You can see I really have the bug now!

I spent the whole of last week working on these. Every time I past my craft room I would pop in and add another little something to one of them!
That is the beauty of mixed media you can spend 5 minutes and walk away. If I am doing a layout I have to finish it, so I have to make sure I have allowed enough time. Consequently, there are days when I don't even go near my craft room.
These little darlings meant that I had some time, maybe not as much as I would like, in my happy place every day.

This background is by far my favourite of the four. I love the colours, the texture and of course the glitter!! I like this girl the best too....I think it's her blue/black hair.

Thanks for popping in today, last one tomorrow :0)

Ali x 


  1. Oh yes....glitter and shimmer make everything beautiful! I love the stars too! Some a pretty and dreamy wonder it's your fave! :)

  2. Totally chiming in with Yvonne - glitter and shimmer is on top of my list too! hey hey hey Mrs P this is soooo cute!! look forward to seeing your other ones now that I'm backtracking! Mwah!


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