Wednesday, 26 September 2012

CSI #38 a before and after look at 'Beautiful'

I loved this weeks's Case File at CSI, the colours are so soft and subtle and almost monochromatic...right up my street!

I knew that I had some Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden papers that were perfect for this case, however I kind of forgot my style and was just following all the prompts without really putting my spin on it.

It has taken me a long time to 'know' my style, do you know what I mean? So that you understand where I am coming from I will give you the example of when we got our first home. The only real influence we had was our parents' and extended families' homes, at 20 years old we were the first ones out of friends to set up  a home, they were all living in rented or student accommodation! In effect, our decorating style was to mimic those influences. Over the years we have found 'our style' and it is really quite minimalist. We love wooden floors, white walls, modern art, the odd splash of colour and always, always one piece of object d'art rather than a collection! Poles apart from our parents!!

The same can be said for my scrapbooking style. I love to look and admire other people's work. My blogging friends that I follow avidly are brilliant at covering every inch of paper! However, whilst I can appreciate their style I don't feel comfortable doing it.....I struggle to use a coloured background!! When I first started scrapping I 'mimicked' pages that I loved and once I discovered the land of blog and following, my style was all over the place!! Now, my scrapbook style is reflective of my home, lots of white, minimalist and the odd splash of colour!

So why are you telling us this woman, I hear you cry, just get on with it! Well, dear readers, I am telling you all this in order to set up my post for today and show you 2 versions of the same challenge. The first one.....following the prompts...hating it...ripping all the pieces make the second one.....Ali style!

BP Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden

Pink Paislee Artisan Bird, Flowers from

Mats cut on Silhouette and a little stamping and embossing.....can't remember the last time I did that!
and here is the one that I am happy with:

Evidence: colours and sketch used.

Birds and flowers. I fussy cut the bee from the original BP paper. I didn't notice that I had ripped some of the wording on the banner till writing this post....oh well, call it distressing! The rub on is an old one from Basic Grey.

I added a tag of the BP to my journaling so that it can be pulled out to read. Puffy ancient I have no idea where they came from! I have stuck washi tape behind the die cut you didn't notice it on the last lo!

Journal about a pet

Ahh, so much calmer :0)

Here is the challenge at CSI, pop over and have a play there is still loads of time!!

Thanks for popping in today, hope to see you soon!

Ali x 


  1. I actually love both layouts Ali and your Basil is so cute ! Gotta love our little fur babies they are such a big part of family


  2. I keep flitting from white space to cluttered, fussy-cut shabby chic. I have no issues embracing different styles, Ali, except that no DT would touch me with a barge pole...LOL!
    The white cardstock LO is the one that ROCKS!

  3. Sitting in the airport lounge & couldn't quite b*******r off til I commented on's FASCINATING.....& I'm glad your scrappy. Style is YOU ...cos it's unique & fab & really fun to check out....interesting process, I must say, tho:):):):) I'm going now...truly!!!! About to board......

  4. Well, I love your minimalist style Ali. Both layouts look great actually. But the white space in the second actually highlights the photo a lot better. :)

    P/s: I haven't found my style yet. :(

  5. I have to say your style is very very much YOU, immediately recognizeable and always totally fab! As much as I do love the first one, I absolutely adore the second one. The white space is so YOU and as Yvonne says, the white space in the second one makes the photo really sing out loud! Ha ha I'm one of the fluffy birdies always covering up all of my background, buuut it doesn't reflect our home or my way of dressing, both of which are actually quite similar to your home as you describe it :)) Are we sure Mrs Hill has actually left for her disgusting cruise yet? Be well, kisses


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