Sunday, 26 August 2012

CSI #34 'Flock Together' least that would have been the title if I'd had more time!!

I lost what was supposed to be my scrapping week and instead spent it with friends and family - a proper lady who lunches every day :0)

The down side was no scrapping was done and on Thursday eve I suddenly remembered that I should have completed my GD layout for CSI the previous day....ooops! Thank goodness for the CSI Co-Ordinates and Debbi's understanding :0)

A super simple one this week of my darling Dad on Father's Day. I wanted to keep the focus on the photo as I love it (we don't get many photos together)...just as well as time was of the essence!!

Without further is the Case File and my speedy lo!!

Evidence: colours; wet medium; bird; tree (a bit hidden) ribbon on journaling, who, what, where, when, why journaling strips. 

Michelle's co-ordinates and a bird cut on the Silhouette. Paint and Stickles

The journaling card with trees pulls out and I have stapled the strips to it.
Who: my darling Dad
Why: for Father's Day
Where: in Matthew's garden
What: giving him a golf shirt
When: 17 June 2012
more of Michelle's work :0)
I really like the simplicity of this, it is so much nicer in real life (but then aren't they always?)

Thanks for popping in,

Ali x 


  1. Sounds lovely to be out on luncheons every single day, bet you've enjoyed yourself thoroughly! I know I would have. Well, you're such a pro that rush work never shows in your projects. They always have the magic touch of Ali! love this photo of you and your dad, he seems such a golden gentleman. Adore his hat! me thinks he's got a twinkle in his eye and a fox behind his ear, right? xoxo

  2. You naughty girl! Lunches instead of scrapping???!!!! I'm with Eila above...if you hadn't said, there's no way I would no..still looks lovely to me. LOVE simplicity in design. I keep aiming for it, but usually have tooo much time & want to slap more stuff down!!!! Liking the 5 'ws' for this challenge...hmmmnnnnn.....


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