Friday, 27 January 2012

and the winner is.....

Hello everyone,

sorry I am a bit late with this post but couldn't find the right random number generator!!! Finally discovered it should be after searching through other blogs :0)

So has chosen....Laura Mooney :0)

Laura please email me at aliparris@btinternet as soon as you can with your address so that I can post your prize out to you. Whilst I am on the subject of RAKs would someone please tell me what RAK stands for!!!! lol, I have no idea what this acronym is that I happily type in my posts...ha,ha,ha.

***edited post: Thanks Carri for letting me know it stands for Random Acts of Kindness....makes sense when you know!!***

Anyway, congratulations Laura and thank you to you and everyone else who has joined me recently - you truly have no idea how happy you have made me,

Ali x 


  1. It stands for Random acts of Kindness! :) (I didn't know for a long time either!)
    Congrats to the winner!

  2. You have enriched my knowledge too Carri :) I was also wondering about the RAKs. Thanks for visiting my blog Ali and congratulations to Laura :)


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