Sunday, 18 December 2011

A page for Sue's album

Hello again,

got another layout to share ready for BF's birthday album. I must also tell you a funny story from yesterday: GD goes into my craft room and says she wants to do some stamping. I get a wood mounted cute little ballerina for her...'No Mamma, I don't want that one, I want a normal one'. DD#1 looks at me all confused but I know exactly what she means and go over to get her a clear stamp and acrylic block. Then I get her an old ink pad, but that's not good enough she insists on using one of my new stacking chalk ink pads, because she 'wants to stamp in different colours'. Amazing, 2 years old and already a crafting prima donna!!!

so back to the layout, I went a bit mad with my shimmer spray and totally warped the paper, but I love the look of the mica against the blue and I am hoping once it is in it's protective sheet it won't notice!

All sorts of bits and bobs from various companies too numerous to mention! Mainly  Cosmo and Crate Paper :0)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day, I am off to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park with DH, DD#2 and her fiance today.....can't wait!

Ali x


  1. I love this! The happy colours! The cool photo placement. And the fun elements! :)

  2. Have to laugh, she's learned from the best!!! Cute layout! Love the shimmer mist!!


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