Sunday, 4 December 2011

Journal Day 4

I am cooking for 11 today as we do our big Christmas draw today (who buys presents for whom), we (my M & D, brothers, DD#1 and boyf, GDG, DD#2 and fiance) decided a long time ago that our Christmas day should be about being together as an extended family not all about gifts, so we each pick a name out of the hat and buy one person something lovely that they long for :0) it also means that DH and my Dad have to so their own shopping!! Somehow I still am the one to shop for friends, the kids, his family, neighbours etc whilst his name goes on the gift tag!!

Every year around about now I cook a slow roast (pork today) and we celebrate pre Christmas as a family. We won't all get together again until the big day so it's kind of nice :0) We are also celebrating Dan's birthday, although this a new reason to get together as this is the first year he has been around - he won't know what's hit him!! He already claims to have had more photos taken this past year than the rest of his life put together!!

Anyway on to today's page:

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are having a happy Sunday too,

Ali x 


  1. What a happy page! :) Love the ornaments! :)

    Your family tradition sounds awesome. Takes off the stress of getting pressies for everyone.

  2. The kids in my family follow the same tradition! Another beautiful page for your journal. Love the touch of pink!


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