Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sketchy Thursday fave....again! :0)

I'm on a roll..................and coming to an abrupt stop!

Thrilled to bits to see that I was a fave again with sketchy thursday (see link) but I am having to stop for a while as my craft room is having an overhaul, yay!

Went to Ikea yesterday to get another desk and another storage unit and then persuaded Del to fill the holes in the walls last night, he did do it but not without a moan :D

So today I have been repainting the walls in my cowboy fashion, Del would have a fit but by the time he gets home it will all be done and dusted, lol, and now I wait for my darling old man to work his magic with MDF!

I am hoping that since all the shelves are off the walls and my paper is stacked in the craft room and spare room, along with tons of other stuff (where has it all come from? My room is not the biggest in the world!) he will FINALLY get round to making the 12 x 12 storage wall unit that he has been promising to do for 6 weeks!!!!! DD #2 has also been 'encouraging' him to get a move on as she is having my 12 x 12 storage tower on wheels for her craft room once I have my beautiful replacement. If it has as much love poured into it as the drawing did I shall be truly blessed :0)

I am satisfying my crafting need with a 6 x 12 chipboard album DD#1 got me for my birthday last year, I am really looking foward to it as have never worked on this size before! I shall post photos when it's all done. In the mean time have a lovely week and see you when I see you!

Ali x

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