Sunday, 29 August 2010

new listings on ebay

Hi all,

I am uploading my new albums for this week's ebay listings.
The baby one is a relist as it didn't sell last week but I think it may be because I had it ending on a Tuesday - we shall see!

The round 'love' album is a wall hanging that I added tabs to and then used the Bind-It-All to fix the chipboard and pages together. I love it so won't mind if it doesn't go :0) It comes from a Cosmo Cricket QVC TSV - I bought two of them so have one on my wall in the craft room and thought this would be a good idea for the other one.

The friendship one isn't as dark as it appears - I have had these papers knocking around for ages. I bought them to do some layouts of Ruby but think I went a little overboard as I seem to have dozens of the same sheets?????? I like the contrast with the sugary pink and the chocolate brown, there is even some yellow thrown in.

I have also made an album for my cousin to give as a gift so will upload the photos of that one - Alexander's christening. It made a nice change to do something for a baby boy!

I have also made a faux paper bag album - a la Laura from Follow the Paper Trail - but used heavy card stock so the pages were kind of stiff and boxy. Thought I was going to have to ditch it but them had a moment of inspiration! It has turned into a seed packet holder - entitled bloom and grow. Not sure whether to list it or just leave it in case I do a craft fair at some point. My Mum keeps on at me and is now trying to find a good one for me to attend in Suffolk - love her.

That's it for this week - probably won't have much to share next week as it will be a busy week and I keep promising the house a jolly good scrub :0)

Ali x

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